Friday, July 11, 2014


I was thinking about how much of a blessing it truly is to be an American. I didn't get to do much 4th of July celebrating except for eating a hot dog at a medical student family's house. They are from Utah. I just finished the war chapters in the Book of Mormon and I found it really interesting about how the king men were "denying their own freedom". I thought to myself, in what ways do I deny my freedom? I guess I celebrated our freedom anyways, as I am out here declaring the ultimate message of freedom. Unfortunately, our "stripling warriors" have taken some big hits recently. It was Carnival this past week so the youth fell into some of the temptations that go with it. We are continuing to work with them and they are coming along. They just have to overcome some setbacks first. We found some super cool new people though this week. There is a family that we are teaching named the Ince's. We are mostly teaching Michron (20) one of the sons, but we also teach other family members when they are home. Michron is great. He loves the Book of Mormon, has received an answer that it is true, and the best part is that as we were teaching his mom last night, he bore his testimony of how the Book of Mormon is changing his life and his mother can know that the same way he knows it. I watched as she moved from being only mildly curious to really listening with her heart as her son bore a sincere testimony about what he has come to know to be true. That was awesome! As I am learning and becoming a better missionary, I can see myself going through mini pride cycles and each time I think like Nephi "O retched man am I". I'm really trying to be more humble. What are some things you and mom do to keep humble? Elder Gordon and I are still getting along well and are learning to teach in better unity each day. Tristan is coming along very well. He was ordained as a priest this past Sunday and I have seen such a tremendous change in him. He has the goal of becoming a missionary himself and today we are going to teach him about the temple and eternal marriages, to give him a goal for after he gets back from his mission. I am so glad I have been able to teach him. Looks like you guys had fun at Disneyland. That sounds so cool about the booth that you and mom helped out at. There was a great article in the Liahona this month called The Why of our Missionary work by Elder Anderson. I thought it would be great for you guys to read as you do member missionary work at home. Hurrah for Israel! The work is great! Did you go to church with Nicole, Geoffrey and Aunt Raylee. One more thing, I had a realization this week while getting ready one morning that I would be terribly sad if our family could not be together forever. Love you all!
-Elder Parker

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