Monday, December 22, 2014

12.15.2014 (Picture)

This was at a beach called las cueves, just to the east of Maracas beach. It was nice to finally go the beach. 


My companion has been out for 5 months, but he is a very well prepared
missionary. His obedience is stellar and I'm just trying to keep up with
his diligence. He also has a wealth of knowledge about the scriptures and
apostolic quotes.  The new family is doing ok. We weren't able to meet with
them too much this week, and because of the Dad's mom's health, they didn't
come to church. 
The Ramroops are on a roller coaster. Donald went back into the hospital again and the doctors are saying he needs another surgery. We went and saw the rest of the family last night though, and taught about reading the scriptures, especially the
Book of Mormon. Their youngest son was feeling very sick and had had a
fever all day. It was suggested that we give him a priesthood blessing.
After we finished giving the blessing, Kevin started to perk up. Before we
even left he was up and moving about. It was so cool to see the priesthood
in action. I think that I am ok for Christmas. You don't need to send
anything. I love you a lot mom! Merry Christmas! Love, Elder Parker
Also I ran out of time so if you could tell the rest of the family hello
for me, that would be great!


I think that I'll be in Trinidad for a while. To serve here, a permit is required and they take forever to get so those who come to Trinidad usually stay for a while. I don't think that I told you last week, but our mission will be splitting this next June. There will be the Trinidad Port of Spain Mission which will include Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Guyana, and The ABC islands also know as the Dutch Antilles. The other half of the mission will be the Bridgetown Barbados mission which will include Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, St. Martin, Martinique, Guadalupe, and French Guiana. I've been thinking about what you said about how your mission Christmases were some of your most memorable. We have been doing our best to schedule appointments with investigators for Christmas Eve. There is a great video the church has put out that we have been watching with people called "He is the Gift". I told grandma about it. I really like it because it invites the spirit and I feel so peaceful as I have been able to watch this video about the Prince of Peace. What a wonderful time of the year this is. I'm trying my best to focus on Christ, especially at this time. Merry Christmas! Talk to you soon! Love, Elder Parker

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The only address I have is the mission office and the mission home. I got my Trinidad drivers license this week. Elder Horsley's mom's name is Shelly.  Elder Horsley is a really great missionary and he has a great drive to be obedient and to work hard.  I'm just trying to keep up with him.  I think that we will see many great blessings together.  For instance this past week, we were out in an area called El Soccorro, later in the evening and we felt prompted to contact a young man who was just outside his gate, liming.  We met him and found out his name is Reon and he was really willing and receptive to the Book of Mormon.  Then as he was heading inside we asked to meet his parents.  He went inside for a few moments and then out came this man with a super long ras (dread locks).  The dad said his name was Justin and was just as receptive as Reon.  Then we met the mom and she told us how she wants to improve her family and marriage (yes thy are married!).  We read Mosiah 4:12-14 and some other scriptures to explain about how the Gospel blesses our families.  They were overjoyed and tried to give us hugs.  We asked if we could come by the next day and they quickly responded yes.  When we came back the next morning, they had started to read from the Book of Mormon and we also invited them to be baptized on January 10th.  I can't wait to see where this family can go.  We are rebuilding our investigator pool right now, since it is pretty small.  Brother Ramroop is home and doing well.  Today I am going to price mart Which is owned by Costco and then I'm going home to study.  We did a lot of cleaning this morning. Next week we should finally be going to the beach!  Say hello to the rest of the family for me!   

Love you!

Elder Parker

Monday, December 1, 2014

12.1.2014 (picture)

Here's a picture of me when we went to visit Donald at the Hospital that was right by the coast.


Hey Parents!  We taught a few more lessons this week. We had 2 investigators at church. One was a surprise, which was a blessing. His name is Bobby and he's a referral from our Elders Quorum President. He has worked on the mission cars so he has had many chances to read everything mission related. I think that he will be baptized soon.
The Ramroop family is doing well. Donald is coming out of the hospital this week. He was about to die this last week, but after fasting with the Francoms, and many many prayers, the Lord intervened. His infection is now almost all gone and he is looking the best I have ever seen him. We also just watched the Testaments with the family last night and they loved it. It is so cool to see this family learn of Christ, especially from the Book of Mormon.
My area has a variety of neighborhoods. We have everything imaginable, from ghettos to millionaire mansions. Everything is made of concrete though. The only good beach in Trinidad is Maracas, and I haven't been there yet. I might go up there some time this transfer.
I'm glad to hear that you guys had a fun Thanksgiving and I bet the Sisters are going to be great. You guys should find somebody for them to teach. I know that the Lord will provide if there is enough faith.
Unfortunately, Elder Rowley and I do not get to serve another transfer together. He is being transferred to the branch right next to our ward in a different zone. I'll see him on Sundays in between church though. We have become really close friends and I'm sad to see him go, but I get to serve with another Coloradan!!! He is from Arvada and his name is Elder Horseley. He's been out for 3 transfers and has been serving in Tobago his entire time.
Love you!

-Elder Parker