Monday, January 26, 2015

1.26.2015 (picture)

Can you find me? I'm in the blue. We went up to a waterfall again today.


All is well this week. We set 6 new baptismal dates this week! We got 9 new investigators too. It sounds like things are going well at home. I can't believe that my friends are almost all out on their missions. I was thinking today about how quickly time has gone and how little time I have left. I feel like I got a bit a second wind this week. I got to do companion study with President Mehr this week. Something that he talked about that stuck with me was a story he shared from the old testament. Actually it was two, that illustrated the same principle. There was one about King Hezekiah, and also about Gideon versus the Middianites. In both cases as these great leaders of ancient Israel followed the council of God, they miraculously came out victorious. So what I learned was let the Lord fight our battles for us. I have been trying to pray as well as I know how this week for Heavenly Father to bless our area with more new investigators who will be progressive and also for more baptismal dates. It was amazing. I felt like the apostles on the fishing ship when the Savior calms the winds and the sea where the apostles ask "What manner of man is this that even the winds and the sea's obey him?" I know that Jesus is the Christ and that when we supplicate with the Father in His Son's name we are blessed, but even so I was in awe. It also made me feel like Moses when he recorded that he knew man was nothing, "which thing he had never before supposed." Wow. I'm trying to keep "digging deeper". I can't wait to hear about my friends experiences as they go out to serve. Let the Lord fight our battles. He will win them. Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Elder Parker

Monday, January 19, 2015

1.12.2015 (Picture)

This is a picture from last week going up to a waterfall.

1.19.2015 (Picture)

This is our investigator Bobby. He is overcoming some long time addictions. The other Elder is Elder Benjamin Westra from Holland. He was with me for a few days before he went home. He served most of his 2 years in Suriname. In answer to your questions, Bobby came to church and so did the Ramroops. They had a solid wedding and baptismal date set until we found out that the Bishop will be out of the country to get away from Carnival the weekend they were supposed to get married. As a result, their baptismal date is also up in the air. We are waiting because we need to teach them a lot because they understand things very slowly. They are basically starting at square one because they are coming from being Hindu. Elder Horsley and I are getting along pretty well. He gets stressed some times, but he is diligent and obedient as can be, so I have no qualms with him. My permit expires in August, so I think that I will be here until then and then I think that I will finish my mission in Guyana. Elder Ferrin (one of the AP's) and I have been doing a lot off tracting lately. Our only consistent investigators are the Ramroops and Bobby. They both also happen to be member referrals. Coincidence? I think not! The way that we have been trying to find people is by just talking to them on the street, but it hasn't yielded much fruit. I think we are going to have to start working with the members a lot more. Member referrals are so great, but it such a bother when members tell us that they don't have anybody to refer us to. I would rather be turned down by their friends then get no referral at all. I just started the Book of Mormon all over again so I am in 1 Nephi 16 right now. I just counted and I have read the Book of Mormon 12 or 13 times in my life. Today I studied, went shopping, went to a store that is owned by Costco called Price Mart and I also paid my first ever traffic ticket! I went down a one-way street that normally is a 2 way street. It just so happened that at the time I was driving, it was a one way. I also am at the Francoms apartment playing card games with other missionaries. The best part of my mission so far has been seeing people have more light in their lives. I just got an email last week from one of my recent converts in St. Vincent, Micron, and he is now the 1st councilor in the Branch presidency! He was one of those people were kept from the truth only because he knew not where to find it. The Ramroops have changed so much and they are a closer family now then ever before. I might have told you around Christmas, but what the mom told us was that this most recent Christmas was her favorite because there wasn't fighting this year. Bobby, who has been addicted to everything under the sun is a completely different man. It is so amazing to see the changes that people have in their lives as they learn how to let the Atonement work in their lives. One of my other favorite parts of being a missionary is the opportunity to have the spirit with me in a much more recognizable way. Or I guess it's more of I am more in tune with the spirit so I feel Heavenly Father's love for me, and those I get to teach, much more often. An important catalyst for all of this is the Book of Mormon. It has been key in my feeling the sprit and others being changed and sanctified by the gospel. One other thing is that the new assistant to President Mehr is Elder Dallin Christensen. He played football with Brad's younger brother Dallas. It's been a good week. 

Love, Elder Parker

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This week was pretty good. The Ramroops have a marriage and baptismal date, but it might need to be changed because of Carnival weekend. They came to church again this week. 3 Weeks in a row! They are doing great and they are finding so much joy in Christ. Their cousin, Deniesh seems to be softening his heart as well. He has been in many of the lessons and he helped us build a wall for a fish pond in their yard this last week. We'll see where we can go from there. This week I was trying extra hard to listen to the promptings of the spirit. One example was when we were in a lesson with a man named Bobby. We were teaching him about obedience and the lesson was going ok, but he wasn't quite getting it. Then, I felt prompted to share 3 Nephi 27:27 where the Savior teaches about what manner of men we aught to be. "Verily verily, even as I am." As we read through that scripture, the spirit was able to testify and teach Bobby what we could not. I guess that's why it is so important to teach from the scriptures because it allows the spirit to teach what the person isn't understanding from us, but still needs to know. Bobby's neighbor, Eyow a Muslim man sat down with us this week too. He said that he has seen us stop by Bobby everyday to help him stop drinking and smoking and we could tell that his heart had been softened. I never thought that he would talk with us, and I don't think he did either, but we did. He opened up about some questions he has about where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. He also asked us about what we understood John 3:16 to mean. He couldn't have asked better questions. The lesson went well and I'm excited to see what will happen the next time! It's been a great week!
Love you!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Oh yes, they certainly celebrate it here. They leap after any chance they have to throw a party down here. Our appointments were wonderful. We weekly planned in the morning and then we went to the Atkins for lunch. Then I Skyped you guys and spent a little time with the Francoms. They are a super awesome senior couple. Then we went to the Ramroops. After we had gotten the Kids to settle down and went inside we all gathered together to read the Christmas story from Luke 2. As we read through the scriptures, we sang the Christmas Hymns that go with each part of the story of the Saviors birth. They loved it and the spirit was so strong in that room with this wonderful family. I really felt like we were the herald angels singing and bearing testimony of Jesus Christ through the scriptures and song. It is one of my most cherished Christmas memories. Afterwards, while eating the Christmas curie dinner, we were talking with Donald and Victoria, asking them about their favorite Christmas memories, even though they have been Hindu's. What Victoria said was that this year has been her favorite, because most Christmases she and Donald usually end up fighting, but this year was different. No fighting, just peace. They are discovering the greatest gift of all, who is Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father for letting me see the change in this family’s life. I'm trying hard to be diligent and obedient! Have fun teaching the 4 year olds! I love you too mom, and family! 

Love, Elder Parker


I hope that Gabby will be feeling well and be able to compete. You should give out a Book of Mormon to somebody at the gym, and explain about how it's such an important part of what we share. Sounds like there are some big changes going on in the ward. Could you say hello to the Deans for me please? If you could tell Kinsey and Carson both hello and use the Book of Mormon as much as possible that would also be good. 

The Ramroops are doing great. They came to church again this week and loved it. They are transitioning into church really well. Donald and Victoria both got up in Sacrament meeting and bore powerful testimonies of the Savior and His priesthood. They should be getting married here pretty soon, and then baptized! I think that they have such strong testimonies of Jesus Christ, because of their testimonies of the Book of Mormon. It is the keystone of our witness of Christ. I'm out of time, but I love you guys and I'll send you some pictures soon. Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Elder Parker