Monday, January 5, 2015


Oh yes, they certainly celebrate it here. They leap after any chance they have to throw a party down here. Our appointments were wonderful. We weekly planned in the morning and then we went to the Atkins for lunch. Then I Skyped you guys and spent a little time with the Francoms. They are a super awesome senior couple. Then we went to the Ramroops. After we had gotten the Kids to settle down and went inside we all gathered together to read the Christmas story from Luke 2. As we read through the scriptures, we sang the Christmas Hymns that go with each part of the story of the Saviors birth. They loved it and the spirit was so strong in that room with this wonderful family. I really felt like we were the herald angels singing and bearing testimony of Jesus Christ through the scriptures and song. It is one of my most cherished Christmas memories. Afterwards, while eating the Christmas curie dinner, we were talking with Donald and Victoria, asking them about their favorite Christmas memories, even though they have been Hindu's. What Victoria said was that this year has been her favorite, because most Christmases she and Donald usually end up fighting, but this year was different. No fighting, just peace. They are discovering the greatest gift of all, who is Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father for letting me see the change in this family’s life. I'm trying hard to be diligent and obedient! Have fun teaching the 4 year olds! I love you too mom, and family! 

Love, Elder Parker

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