Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I played basketball this morning and I realized that I am not in the best shape of my life. I weighed myself today and I was 160.4 lbs. I was transferred to San Fernando on Wednesday, so I am not training, but am a zone leader with Elder Dorrance who was in my MTC group. There were some paper work problems that would have prevented me from driving so there was a last minute call. I hope that the investigators in Arima continue to progress with the new missionaries. In my new ward the Bishop is from Idaho, and has attendance in the 95-105 range. That is the most that I have had my entire mission. Unfortunately we did not have any investigators at church. Earlier this month there were 3 baptisms, but now we don't have any progressing investigators. We are going to need to find some more investigators soon. Elder Dorrance reminds me a lot of Geoffrey. Since I haven't been very good about writing in my journal lately I decided that I would make a video journal of the highlights of my day. I have been able to video everyday this transfer, so at the end I will have a video journal for every day of transfer 15. Who did Sarah go to homecoming with? I am excited for conference to be coming up, especially to find out who the new 3 apostles will be. Maybe I'll see you on conference!

Love, Elder Parker


I love the Book of Mormon too. I have been thinking about how to help one of our investigators develop greater faith to be absolutely committed to getting married soon, and I was reminded while reading in chapter 5 of Preach My Gospel that one of the primary purposes that we invite investigators to read the Book of Mormon is so that they can increase their faith in Christ. I will be training again and they have split the Zone leaders so that the other Zone leader will be in another area. It's going to be a lot of responsibility but I think that that spurs growth and reliance upon the Lord. I always think of you guys when I watch conference. I remember that you are also listening to the words of the Lord at the same time I am. Sure do love you and mom and the whole family! 
Love, Elder Parker

Monday, September 14, 2015


The family that we are teaching are doing well. We taught them about the law of chastity and committed the parents to marriage. C readily accepted, but D wanted to wait longer. After talking to him about it, and also inviting him to pray and ask Heavenly Father what His will is, D also decided that a sooner marriage would be the best thing to do. We will be calling the stake president (who has a license to marry) this week, and hopefully they will be married before the end of the month. We set a date with them for September 26 to be married. That was exciting. However, C had some KFC that didn't agree with her Saturday night into Sunday morning so they didn't come to church, but they have come the 3 week prior to this Sunday. They also love watching the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie. They found it on their own and watched it at least 3 or 4 times last week. So they are doing well. A baptismal date should be forthcoming this week. I got Grandma's email and was glad to have it. We had 10 new investigators this week. The coolest one is named Ch, but there is also another family (with married parents!) that also seem to have good potential. There is an older sister in the ward named sister J who we have been taking teaching a lot. She is like a grandma to everyone she meets, and is also the new seminary teacher. We have been teaching one of her friends named Je. With the help of sister J, Je has been progressing well and is planning on attending church this Sunday. I have been praying for things to work out with the move, maybe I'll pray more specifically for the house to sell. Glad to hear that sports are going well and that everyone is adjusting to the move well. Elder Grimm goes home next Wednesday, so I will find out who my new companion will be Saturday. I have been learning how leaders do the most teaching through their own example. Elder Martinez of the second quorum of the seventy taught that if I want to help my zone to work better with members, I should be able to bring them to my area and show them how I work with members. It's been a good week. 

Love, Elder Parker  


This week had its ups and its downs, but overall it was good. My birthday was good. I happened to be at the mission home for a mission leadership council so it was a good way to start of my 20's. The council was about leadership and developing some of the skills that a leader needs, like giving correction and counselling with other leaders. There was a lot that I learned from Elder Hugo Martinez of the 2nd quorum of the Seventy about counselling. He taught from D&C 107:27,29-31 and how the purpose of counselling together is to find out the will of the Lord. When church leaders, husbands and wives, or companionships are unified in their decision, that decision has great power. The key, he said while quoting from the late President Packer, is to have the spirit. So that was what I did on my birthday. While meeting with the Branch President this Sunday after stake conference, I also got a birthday cake. Tell grandma thanks for me please. We had 2 investigators come to church this week. They have come 3 weeks in a row and have come more on time each time! They also are doing great on reading in the Book of Mormon and the tracts that we leave with them. They even read together as a family at night! We are going to teach them about the law of chastity this week to help them get married and then baptised. Our branch President and his wife are planning on coming with us, so hopefully that will be a powerful lesson. Our other investigators understand a little about the sacrament, but we had to drop a few investigators this last week. They had stopped progressing. Tell Grandpa and Dad, happy birthday.

Love, Elder Parker


I'll see if I can go get something good to eat this week for my Birthday. The people we are teaching are doing well, however they have been coming too church late and have missed the sacrament so we had to push their dates back. They like church and have been understanding well. There is a family that we have been teaching that I am excited about. Our next lessons will be critical with them though because they aren't married and we will be teaching them about the law of chastity. We have explained a little about temples in the restoration and they would like to be married there, so maybe They will se the importance of getting married so they can get to the temple. Zone conference was great this week. Elder Hugo Martinez of the 2nd quorum was there with sister Martinez. I got to be interviewed by Elder Martinez and one of the things that he said that stuck out to me was the times that he has been able to feel the spirit the most has been when he reads the scriptures with his family. That reminded me of when we would do that on Sunday evenings at home. It's been a good week and I am getting excited for general conference! Thanks for the birthday greetings!

Love, Elder Parker