Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9.29.2014 (picture)

​This was taken up in an apartment complex where we have found a whole bunch of prepared people. The sunset was nice too. 


I haven’t had a full day with just with my companion this transfer. We have always been in temporary trios. Because of that I have only been able to run once. We did 1.25 miles in about 9 or 10 minutes. I don't remember exactly how fast, but I think that it will take some getting used to once I get back home.  President Mehr doesn't have any specific exercise thing that we must do. But I get to play soccer every Saturday.  Elder Rowley played soccer in high school so he's pretty good at it.

I have done one split with the AP's about 3 weeks ago. It was cool to go out and teach with Elder Telga from Martinique. I really admire the spirit that they constantly have with them. It is something that I want to have with me too.

Our teaching pool right now is rebuilding. From the sound of it, in the previous few transfers, very little finding occurred. These past 3 weeks we have been doing a lot of tracting.  We have 3 people with baptismal dates, Richard, Nekiesha, and Racquel. The first two are preparing for Oct. 18th and Racquel is preparing for Nov. 15th. The ward here is nice. We have been fed a few times already. It's awesome to be in a ward with married people again. There is this other family that we are going to start teaching this week that came to church this past Sunday with a member from Venezuela. The dad for the family was having a surprise follow up surgery after being shot in April of this year. We went and gave him a blessing at the hospital just before surgery and it has positively impacted the family. The mom's name is Victoria. Our most prepared investigator is Nekiesha. She has a great fellow shipper in Sister Susan Warner. There is also this mission legend about a vagrant that lives around the church named Lennox, who I met Saturday. You'll definitely have to meet him. He is hilarious. Bishop Ramdhani is way cool too. His son is serving in this mission and he will be coming home in 2 transfers. Trinidad is a nice place to serve.

Love you lots.

Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Elder Parker

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9.22.2014 (picture)

Elder Rowley and I in our apartment


 I miss St. Vincent, but it's really nice having a ward again. This is a Zone conference transfer so I haven't seen the Mehr’s or the AP’s much. Normally I'll be going on splits with the AP's a lot, but I don't really know how much I will see President and Sister Mehr. There is about a 50/50 ratio of Indians to Black people, and there are no white people anywhere, except the other missionaries. It's kind of funny being a minority. My companion is a Utes fan and he lives about 20 minutes away from aunt Robin. (His girlfriend lives very close to them). It sounds like both teams are in for a great year! We tried contacting a guy sitting on a bench with his family a few nights ago and he was a Hindu. Let's just say that he was not ripe fruit. I met two Muslim brothers named Wazzim and Fazzim. They were really nice but neither were prepared to hear about the gospel. Elder Rowley and I are getting along really well. He is into rafting and backpacking and most of the other things that I like to do so we have many common interests. Mom told me about a movie that the Church is producing coming called "The Mormons". That's cool. I wonder how soon we will get a copy of it down here? I still get in some good proselyting time and being in the office makes me want to go out to teach even more than I did before. I enjoy the office work though. The senior couple (The Rays) that we get to work with and the other senior missionary (Sister Ray) are all great. I wish we could get more senior missionaries out here. We will be losing all three of the Rays and several other senior couples and we don't have anybody to replace them. If you know anybody who is thinking about doing a senior missionary, tell them that the West Indies Mission desperately needs some!

Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Elder Parker

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


 My birthday was good, I didn't celebrate it, but it was fine. I just got the card and it was really nice to get that from home.  Transfers came in and I'll be in Trinidad as a junior companion to the AP's. I will be with one of the AP's when they aren't out at zone conference. I do some office work and then have a proselyting area. I will also have a car! It will be great to be able to work around President Mehr! District meetings are every Tuesday. Today we went to the beach and built a sandcastle, played volleyball, tug of war, jumped rope and now I'm emailing. The family we are teaching are doing well. Ron, the dad is still really interested and excited about the book of Mormon. His neighbor, Tony, who we have also been teaching comes with us to see them. It's like having a member lesson because Tony has a testimony of what we have taught him and he shares his testimony with Ron. Elder Gordon and I will be seeing them again Tuesday night. There are also some new medical students that moved into the branch, that are from downtown Denver. I have really enjoyed serving with Elder Gordon. We were also invited to attend an Anglican church this past Sunday. It gave me some good insights on how investigators first feel when they attend church. There was a nice old lady that sat next to us, but it made me realize how grateful I am to know about the restored gospel. The presence of the spirit in our meetings and the absence of it there was highly enlightening. Just another testimony of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love, Elder Parker

Monday, September 1, 2014

9.1.2014 (picture)

I'm hard at work studying the scriptures, and also using construction vehicles.



Linda (baptized last Saturday) is doing great. She should be going teaching with the sisters this next week, which is a big step for her because she is usually a very reserved person. We are going to see her tonight.

Micron, one of our recent converts is doing well! He went out teaching with Elder Tillotson while his companion, Elder Staley, was cooped up in the Kingstown Apartment. This disease called Chikungunya is sweeping over the island. It makes you super sore and keeps you from moving around, because it makes all of your joints really achy.

Transfers are next Wednesday. I don't know if I will go or not. I have mixed feelings about going. I have made a lot of friends here and I'm excited to see the area continue to grow. I also think it would be nice to get a fresh start somewhere else. One of my Zone leaders, Elder Tillotson will be going home next week and that will be a bummer. We have become really good friends. He should be at BYU when I get home. Zone conference is coming up this next transfer too and we get to go to Barbados!  

We are teaching a family! Ron (the father) and the children are all interested, but we are still working on the mom. I feel like I always need to hear a message about humility. Be thou humble pg. 130 has become one of my favorite and most sung hymns.

I kind have forgotten that my birthday is coming up this next week. I don't know what I would get. I bought some nice playing cards for 5 dollars US, but that's pretty much it.  Thanks for the update on things! It's so weird hearing about my friends mission calls.

Love you, Elder Parker