Wednesday, September 10, 2014


 My birthday was good, I didn't celebrate it, but it was fine. I just got the card and it was really nice to get that from home.  Transfers came in and I'll be in Trinidad as a junior companion to the AP's. I will be with one of the AP's when they aren't out at zone conference. I do some office work and then have a proselyting area. I will also have a car! It will be great to be able to work around President Mehr! District meetings are every Tuesday. Today we went to the beach and built a sandcastle, played volleyball, tug of war, jumped rope and now I'm emailing. The family we are teaching are doing well. Ron, the dad is still really interested and excited about the book of Mormon. His neighbor, Tony, who we have also been teaching comes with us to see them. It's like having a member lesson because Tony has a testimony of what we have taught him and he shares his testimony with Ron. Elder Gordon and I will be seeing them again Tuesday night. There are also some new medical students that moved into the branch, that are from downtown Denver. I have really enjoyed serving with Elder Gordon. We were also invited to attend an Anglican church this past Sunday. It gave me some good insights on how investigators first feel when they attend church. There was a nice old lady that sat next to us, but it made me realize how grateful I am to know about the restored gospel. The presence of the spirit in our meetings and the absence of it there was highly enlightening. Just another testimony of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love, Elder Parker

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