Monday, January 19, 2015

1.19.2015 (Picture)

This is our investigator Bobby. He is overcoming some long time addictions. The other Elder is Elder Benjamin Westra from Holland. He was with me for a few days before he went home. He served most of his 2 years in Suriname. In answer to your questions, Bobby came to church and so did the Ramroops. They had a solid wedding and baptismal date set until we found out that the Bishop will be out of the country to get away from Carnival the weekend they were supposed to get married. As a result, their baptismal date is also up in the air. We are waiting because we need to teach them a lot because they understand things very slowly. They are basically starting at square one because they are coming from being Hindu. Elder Horsley and I are getting along pretty well. He gets stressed some times, but he is diligent and obedient as can be, so I have no qualms with him. My permit expires in August, so I think that I will be here until then and then I think that I will finish my mission in Guyana. Elder Ferrin (one of the AP's) and I have been doing a lot off tracting lately. Our only consistent investigators are the Ramroops and Bobby. They both also happen to be member referrals. Coincidence? I think not! The way that we have been trying to find people is by just talking to them on the street, but it hasn't yielded much fruit. I think we are going to have to start working with the members a lot more. Member referrals are so great, but it such a bother when members tell us that they don't have anybody to refer us to. I would rather be turned down by their friends then get no referral at all. I just started the Book of Mormon all over again so I am in 1 Nephi 16 right now. I just counted and I have read the Book of Mormon 12 or 13 times in my life. Today I studied, went shopping, went to a store that is owned by Costco called Price Mart and I also paid my first ever traffic ticket! I went down a one-way street that normally is a 2 way street. It just so happened that at the time I was driving, it was a one way. I also am at the Francoms apartment playing card games with other missionaries. The best part of my mission so far has been seeing people have more light in their lives. I just got an email last week from one of my recent converts in St. Vincent, Micron, and he is now the 1st councilor in the Branch presidency! He was one of those people were kept from the truth only because he knew not where to find it. The Ramroops have changed so much and they are a closer family now then ever before. I might have told you around Christmas, but what the mom told us was that this most recent Christmas was her favorite because there wasn't fighting this year. Bobby, who has been addicted to everything under the sun is a completely different man. It is so amazing to see the changes that people have in their lives as they learn how to let the Atonement work in their lives. One of my other favorite parts of being a missionary is the opportunity to have the spirit with me in a much more recognizable way. Or I guess it's more of I am more in tune with the spirit so I feel Heavenly Father's love for me, and those I get to teach, much more often. An important catalyst for all of this is the Book of Mormon. It has been key in my feeling the sprit and others being changed and sanctified by the gospel. One other thing is that the new assistant to President Mehr is Elder Dallin Christensen. He played football with Brad's younger brother Dallas. It's been a good week. 

Love, Elder Parker

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