Thursday, December 11, 2014


The only address I have is the mission office and the mission home. I got my Trinidad drivers license this week. Elder Horsley's mom's name is Shelly.  Elder Horsley is a really great missionary and he has a great drive to be obedient and to work hard.  I'm just trying to keep up with him.  I think that we will see many great blessings together.  For instance this past week, we were out in an area called El Soccorro, later in the evening and we felt prompted to contact a young man who was just outside his gate, liming.  We met him and found out his name is Reon and he was really willing and receptive to the Book of Mormon.  Then as he was heading inside we asked to meet his parents.  He went inside for a few moments and then out came this man with a super long ras (dread locks).  The dad said his name was Justin and was just as receptive as Reon.  Then we met the mom and she told us how she wants to improve her family and marriage (yes thy are married!).  We read Mosiah 4:12-14 and some other scriptures to explain about how the Gospel blesses our families.  They were overjoyed and tried to give us hugs.  We asked if we could come by the next day and they quickly responded yes.  When we came back the next morning, they had started to read from the Book of Mormon and we also invited them to be baptized on January 10th.  I can't wait to see where this family can go.  We are rebuilding our investigator pool right now, since it is pretty small.  Brother Ramroop is home and doing well.  Today I am going to price mart Which is owned by Costco and then I'm going home to study.  We did a lot of cleaning this morning. Next week we should finally be going to the beach!  Say hello to the rest of the family for me!   

Love you!

Elder Parker

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