Tuesday, July 1, 2014


It's starting the rainy season here. This week has been awesome! Miracles all over the place and our investigators are coming along very well. The closest person with a baptismal date is a young woman named Arusha (18) who has a baptismal date for the 12th of July. I think that she is ready right now. We just reviewed the restoration and she is flying through the Book of Mormon. The last time we checked she was in Enos and moving forward. She reads everyday and is great example to her other cousins who are starting to read more often. Next is Michael (15) with a baptismal date for the 19th of July. We meet with him almost everyday and he really looks up to us. We were talking yesterday about how he used to run from us, but one day he felt that he should come and meet with us and at least see what we were like. Now he is reading the Book of Mormon consistently, coming to church each week (except yesterday because of rain) and he is picking up on phrases like flee from temptation and choose the right. He knows a lot about the gospel and he will be a great missionary. Michael's sister, Lennise has a date for the 2nd of august and is also very prepared for that day. I never thought that these young people that we met over 4 months ago would be preparing for baptism and living the gospel, but they have truly manifested by their works that they have received of the spirit of Christ (D&C 20:37). There is another young man named Kevin who is preparing for baptism on the 9th of august along with the rest of the youth's cousin, Nari. Kevin is solid, but we need to work with Nari more before he will be ready. We are facing some struggles with Jadeese. She is feeling discouraged. Her baptismal date is July 26th. She isn't coming to church regularly and she is having a rough time at work, which is making her scared to move to the new place she found to live in. We are working with her though, so I have faith that things will work out. We also finally helped another Lady named Linda to commit to a baptismal date for august 2nd. I was super excited about that! Tristan is moving along really well, but he has had a difficult time focusing in lessons. He is living the commandments, reading the scriptures and is always at church though so I am not concerned for him. He is planning on going on a mission and is going to be ordained next week at church as a priest. It has been a great week full of challenges and successes. We also started teaching an awesome family that lives near the youth that we are teaching. We gave the oldest son Michron a Book of Mormon many weeks ago but then just this last week we went back and found out that he had read through the introduction, the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses and also of the Prophet Joseph Smiths testimony all the way up into first Nephi were he is currently reading. He and his family all accepted the message of the restoration very well and I can't wait to see how they come along. I foresee great things for that family! We also found this cool new shortcut that takes us from our house, through a jungle and a creek up to were most of our investigators live. I felt like Indiana Jones walking through there after moving sand bags up on top of a big hill with Michael and Nari. Those are the highlights from the week. Things are going really well. Elder Gordon is cool too. We are becoming good friends and are working well together. I think I might have mentioned it in my email last week but as I am training, I reflect back on what I was like as a greenie. It makes me laugh, but it also makes me so much more grateful for my trainer. He was a great Elder. Looks like you guys had fun at Disneyland. Glad to see that Geoffrey was with you guys. Oh and Zone conference was excellent. President Mehr and Sister Mehr are great and know so much about the gospel. Hope he is doing well! Love you all! Read your scriptures everyday! Hurrah for Israel! Be RAD!!! Love,

-Elder Parker

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