Tuesday, July 22, 2014



My district went to help build part of one of the Kingstown Branches house flour. I carried some big heavy bags of cement mix down from the road and then we spent a few hours mixing it with sand and then pouring it out. I sure am glad that I have more options than that to look forward too. I was sore the next day. The highlight of the week had to be that Jadeese is starting to progress again. She had fallen back a bit and she wasn't keeping commitments. But recently I started to really try and improve my prayers and I saw that as I fervently prayed for her, she began to keep her commitments again. She had talked about how she didn't feel like she used to when we first met her and she was reading from the Book of Mormon everyday. She recognizes that she can be as happy as she was if she starts doing what she was doing before with reading and praying, etc. She wants to be happy again and she knows how to do it. I just hope I'm here when she gets baptized. We have been working with her for about 5 months. Let mom know that I'm pretty obedient, but I'm really trying to work on keeping missionary music in my mind. I also thought I should share about how the Holy Ghost comforted me as he brought something to my remembrance. I woke up a few days ago feeling a bit down, but then I was reminded of a part of the 4th verse in the hymn count your many blessings which says, "Do not be discouraged, God is over all". That really helped me to remember who it is that I am serving and that He truly is the master of all things. Consider the lilies of the field. 

The scriptures are great. In preach my gospel it talks about how they help to provide validity to what we teach's about how we need to respect our bodies and not disfigure it with tattoos and things. One of the young men simply wasn't understanding why when we were explaining it with out own words, but when we turned to 1 Cor. 3:16-17 it suddenly made sense to him. I remember another lesson we were having with Linda about the plan of salvation and when we read 2 Ne. 2:25 she had this epiphany and was like, "that's our purpose of life?!" She suddenly understood that our purpose of life and following the gospel is for our joy. There have been many other moments where the scriptures have made what we were trying to explain very clear. I love them! Sounds like you guys are busy out there. 

I hear dad will be going camping soon. Love you lots! Hurrah for Israel! -Love, Seth-Love, Seth

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