Tuesday, July 1, 2014


This week I have learned a lot about leading. It has been funny and eye opening as I have seen what it must have been like for Elder Jacobson to have trained me. I am glad he was forgiving because there were many things that I did that he could have gotten mad at me for but didn't. Elder Gordon is a great Elder.  He is a convert and was baptized when he was 12. At home he went out with the missionaries often, so he is a well-prepared missionary. He is 19 today. His hometown is where Bob Marley is from. His Mom and little brother are active members. We usually get our hair cut by our neighbor, Sister Bailey. Her husband is a med student at the medical college and they are from Utah. I have learned about how to make my own chicken wings and also how to make little fried balls of dough that taste really good. We are going to go play some American football today down by the airport after emailing. I learned how to play rugby and cricket last week. The missionaries from St. Lucia are here for zone conference so we should have a big fun game today. Glad to hear that you guys are having fun! Tell the Lhamons I say hello! Training is definitely a growing experience. The first few days I felt a little anxious but I'm getting into my stride so things should be going well. The youth are coming along fine and we have started to teach some of their other relatives. Something that Elder Gordon said yesterday in a fireside we gave stood out to me. He said we should "look at youth as who they can become, not who they are right now." That is how Heavenly Father sees us and that is how we should see each other. We have also started to work with Des again. We stopped meeting with him for a while but he is starting to make changes and move towards being baptized. Training is a humbling experience and I am realizing how much I need the Lords help to be successful. But just like it says in Ether 12:27 Heavenly Father will make our weaknesses our strengths as we rely on Him. The birds will be leaving soon and as far as I know, we don't have any senior couple lined up to take their spot. If you know anybody who is thinking of serving as senior missionaries, there is a spot in St. Vincent that is calling their name. Have fun and take some pictures of Pirates of the Caribbean for me! 
Hurrah for Israel!

-Love, Seth

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