Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Yesterday was the Birds last Sunday. They fly out today. I'm staying here for another transfer with Elder Gordon. We had a whole bunch of people at church too. We finally got our family of young women back to church with their grandma. A super progressing young man was also able to come to church and he loved it. Everybody was so friendly and I bet he will be a great strength to the branch once he is baptized. His name is Michron, and I think I have told you about him before. He is truly somebody who was kept from the truth, only because he knew not where to find it. Training is going well, but I think I need to let Elder Gordon take the lead more.  I need to keep him from relying on me too much. I think what you said about being obedient was inspired. I'm excited for this new transfer.  It will be fun to get to know another area. I need to finish off strong here, because I think that I will be going to another place this next transfer. I pray for you guys multiple times a day. I know you are praying for me too. Love you!


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