Saturday, March 28, 2015


I am not currently the District Leader. I will be next transfer, which is in about 4 weeks. This week was good, but we don't currently have many progressive investigators. We did have some success in building trust with the members.I sent some cool pictures to Grandma of a service project we did for our Branch mission leader to help build relations with him. It must have worked because he came out with us later on Saturday to visit some less actives. A big focus in the mission right now is retention and reactivation, so we have been looking for less actives to rescue. This last Friday was a cool finding experience. All of our appointments had fallen through, and Elder Montgomery and I were walking back towards the area close to home to do some more tracting. As we were walking, he felt impressed to go back to a house we had just passed to talk with the two ladies sitting out in the front of their house. They were of another faith, and they made it clear that they were quite content with where they were.  As we started walking down the street, we both wondered why we were supposed to stop at that house. Then I noticed and a lady sitting in a wheel chair. I felt impressed to go and speak with her. When we asked her if she had met with missionaries before, she told us that she was a member of the church. Sister Booker also has a daughter who was taught by the missionaries, but has not been baptized. She also told us about another less active who we didn't know about who lives just behind her. We sat down with her and shared a lesson and got to know her a little bit more. As Elder Montgomery and I were walking away, we realized that she had not been out on the street when we first started walking down that street. I learned the importance of not getting in the way of the spirit directing my companion. If either of us had not listened to the promptings that we received, then we would have never met Sister Booker or found out about the other people who we may be able to teach. A cool experience that illustrates the importance of following the spirit and trusting your companion.

Love, Elder Parker

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