Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I'm going to move to central Trinidad in Chaguanas. It's a different zone. I am excited to go to a new area, but this last transfer I started to get pretty close with more of the members here, so I will miss Curepe ward. It will also be wierd to go down from a ward to a branch again. I will move on Wednesday. We are still working on getting most of the members out, but a few are going. Somehting that I have learned about member work is taht it is an investment. It also takes some time and patience before things get moving, but because it is the Lord's work things do get moving. I got to be invloved in the foundation work. We had a very sucesful fireside this last saturday that helped improve reltaionships in the ward and also the ward culture. We focused on the Book of Mormon an acted out Samuel the lamanite, Abinidi, Nephi getting the brass plates, and the tree of life. It was really fun and the members had a blast. President and Sister Mehr even came to it! I also learned a little more about how the spirit works this week. I was out looking for less actives late one evening. Near the end of the night, Elder Ferrin and I were walking back to the car after an unsuccessful search for Brother Rattan. Just a few houses before our parked car, I saw a few people standing out in the front of their house. I felt that we should go and talk to them. When we aksed if they had spoken with misionarries before, the lady said " Oh yes, I know the Mormons. I am one." Sister Singh was baptized when she was in her teens, but hasn't been to church in a while. She ws very kind and soft hearted. Not only did we find her, but we also found out that the rest of her family has not been baptized. It's a prime teaching opportunity! What I learned from that was that promptings from the spirit are often very subtle. They are sometimes no more than a feeling to do something, and that is why it is important to keep in tune with the spirit. If I was otherwise occupied, we would have missed meeting Sister Singh. From what you wrote, it seems that listening to the spirit is the them for this week's emailing. It sounds like everyone is doing well in sports. As far as the package goes, you can still send it to the mission office. If you could include a new scipture case, new shoes, some more of those little paintings of Christ from Deseret Book and an oil vial that wuld be great. And could you also send something for my companion. Elder Horsley's mom has done that and I think it'ls a great idea. I wuold send pictures, but I'm emailing on an ipad again. Love you lot's! 

-Elder Parker

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