Saturday, March 28, 2015


My package is here, with my zone leaders. I will be able to get it tomorrow at zone conference. This week we got 14 new investigators. A few of them are referals from the members here. By the way you guys should refer the lady at Great Clips to the missionarries. I thought about that this morning and I bet that she would be receptive. We had a pretty good amount of lessons this week. I eat out about once a week, so not too different from previous areas. I have not kept in contact with my missionary friends who have gone home. The only other person I email regularly is Micron from St. Vincent. He along with Tristan are both seriously planning on going on missions. Micron is working on his papers right now! I wish I could talk with others, but time does not permit me to do so. I am about 20 minutes from the coast, by car. The branch I am serving in had 57 people in church this last sunday, which is about what they average. Elder Montgomery and I will also be getting bikes in our area soon. This week I saw the blessings of faith and patience. A few weeks ago in my Book of Mormon reading, I read about how the spirit of the Lord was poured out into the land, because of Alma's prayers. Then he saw great sucesses from doing so. I decided that I would do the same thing, and so for the pst few weeks, I have been praying for the Lord to pour out his spirit in our area so that we may have progressive people to teach. The most prominent answer to this prayer was a lady named Annie who works at a fruit stand. We gave her a resto tract as we bought some water from her and as we talked she seemed kind of interested, so we set up a return appointment. When we came back after 2 days, she had read and understood about prophets and priesthood and accepted a baptismal date at the end of our first appointment. My favorite part was as we taught and the spirit becem more and more present, the smile on her face kept getting bigger and bigger until it went ear to ear. The joy that the gospel brings is priceless. Love you lots. Out of time.

Love, Elder Parker 

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