Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Wow! Mountain Vista, CO state Champs three years in a row! That must have made Dalby pretty happy. I have been pretty healthy lately. I have maintained about the same weight since the MTC. 

That's cool that you got an email from Elder Hatch. He was AP until last week. He is now in St. Vincent. He is a stellar missionary. 

Thanks for ordering more shirts for me. My shirts are just stained with things. I have tried to bleach, shout and dish soap them, but some of the stains just aren't coming out. Thanks for getting those for me mom! 

Have you found the black flash drive? Elder Rowley and I are running out of music options so we have broken out the Josh Groban Christmas songs. has been good lately. 

Our most progressing investigators are now a young woman named Shantell (17), and a young man named Josiah (16). Shantell and Josiah ask a lot of great questions in the lessons and are reading and praying. The only problem is that they didn't come to church this past week. It's been tough getting any investigators to church lately. The ward is currently looking for a place to build a new chapel since the one we currently go to is kind of far away. The Singh family that was once so progressive, have slowed down a lot. We think that they got some anti-mormon stuff. The Assistants are going over tonight to check things out. I bet they will resolve things. The Ramroops are doing ok. We went over there last week for dinner and taught them more about faith in Christ. The dad is in the hospital again though, so he needs many prayers. It's been a good week though. 

Sundays have become so much more meaningful since general conference and all those talks about the sacrament. As I pay close attention during the sacrament, I just feel so rejuvenated.  

Love you! Hurrah for Israel! 

Love, Elder Parker

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