Monday, October 6, 2014


This week was good. We had a few interesting lessons. We taught a guy that looks like an Indian war chief, and he taught us all about human organs, among other things. We had some great lessons too. There are 2 families that we are currently teaching. One is a Hindu family that came to church and loved it, and the other is a member-referred family that is more than happy about meeting with the missionaries. We watched conference at the 2 church buildings in Arima and in Port of Spain. The power went out for the first Saturday session in the middle of Elder Christopherson's talk, but we got to watch the rest of them without any hiccups. I learned a lot during conference. Some things that I learned that really stood out to me about families is daily scripture reading, daily family prayer, making the sacrament meaningful, family home evening and temple attendance all protect us from the adverse effects that the world can have on our families if we aren't in the right "current". We also watched priesthood session at Elder Ray's apartment, with some of the other Elders and President Mehr. I can't believe that Zach is already out. Sarah said that Andrew and Carson came back and Andrew is pretty fast. At the Sunday morning session of conference there was this crazy vagrant that has been coming to church for years named Lennox. He has no teeth, is in his 50's and is way crazy. It wasn't a lesson, but it sure was interesting. Ha Ha.

Love you lots! 

Elder Parker

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