Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Our investigators are doing well. The Hindu family is doing well. We have taught them about faith in Christ and we are going to go see them again on Thursday. They love the missionaries and we will also be doing some service for them on Friday while the dad is still recovering from another surgery. It's been kind of difficult getting people to progress lately. We have been doing a lot of finding, searching for those who truly are the elect. I know they're out there, we just need to find them. We did not get to the beach today. We had breakfast at the Francom's apartment. They are a super cool senior couple. Sunday was great. Since conference I have been trying to make Sundays more meaningful and yesterday I was able to do that. Before church I was feeling a bit down, and frustrated with myself. As I went to church and partook of the sacrament, I was able to let my frustrations go and find comfort from the Lord. It made me think back to Sundays at home, where I would feel the spirit very strongly on Sundays. I don't think that I recognized it then, but I do now. I could use some new shirts. I tried to buy some here, but their generalized sizes don't fit too well. My neck is a 15 1/2 M sport or fitted shirt. I might need some new garments, but other than that I think that I have everything.  

This week in church, the lesson was about families and I thought about how I should thank you for all the things that you have taught me and the love you have shown me. I reflected back on how way back when we lived in Utah you would play cars with me, then about how to be patient with Sarah, Gabby and Ben, and how to work hard, especially by getting me into running.

Love, Elder Parker

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