Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The Hindu family is temporarily halted because the dad was back in the Hospital this weekend. We went and visited him on Sunday after church though and he was very glad to see us. The Singh Family is doing great. Elder Hatch and I had a great lesson about pre-mortality with them and we set a baptismal date for the family on November 8th! We had everybody draw out what happened in pre earth life and they enjoyed the lesson and the spirit was felt very strongly. I remember leaving feeling so happy because this family was experiencing the incredible and often indescribable feelings that the light of the gospel brings. The mom and dad came to church on Sunday even though Donny, the father, was sick. The kids stayed at their grandparents for that evening. I can't wait to teach them again. 
I bet "Meet the Mormons" is awesome. I've been able to watch a preview of it and it looked like a great opportunity to do missionary work. I haven't been to the beach here yet. We might be going this next week. 
I had a cool experience with prayer this past week. I came home from a lesson feeling like my teaching was not as good as it once was. That evening as I was praying on top of my bunk bed, I asked Heavenly Father what I was doing wrong. I immediately received an answer. "Forget yourself". This experience also reminded me of the promise all throughout the scriptures where it teaches that if we ask, we shall receive. What a great promise that is!  
I miss you guys, but I know I need to be out here. 
Love you!   

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