Monday, December 21, 2015


This week went alright, but I'm sure that I could have had the spirit more
with me by being more diligent about opening my mouth to talk with everyone
I can. We were able to continue to set a few more baptismal dates and we
had some good lessons with the part member couple that should be getting
married soon. We taught about the Law of Chastity and they understood it as
we used an analogy about the covering of wires protecting the power from
causing damage to the home. This week I think we will need to focus in more
on those who can progress at a faster pace. The attendance at church went
up again to 71 in Rosignol and 24 in Bushlot. The Bushlot branch council
went well, however I could not say the same for the Rosignol Branch
council. There was a previous branch president that was causing a bit of
contention. But the Lord is greatly blessing us and I'm sure that as we
continue to work with our branch leaders, these problems can be overcome.

I'm planning on getting back into running as soon as I get home. I was
thinking about maybe getting a little more into weight lifting, but I am
still pondering about that. I hope that we can all go to Disneyland
sometime soon. Those are fond memories. The goal would be to go for spring
and maybe summer term. It's exciting to hear that vistaxc is doing so
Love, Elder Parker

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