Monday, December 21, 2015


I have been in the Isaiah chapters of 2nd Nephi and have decided that I should take an Isaiah class at BYU because it is a struggle to understand sometimes. I have been using Preach My Gospel a lot more lately and I wish that I had used it more earlier in my mission. This last week went pretty well. I couldn't figure out how to get our oven to work so last Monday I baked brownies in the microwave for district meeting on Tuesday. They were a little more chewy than usual but no one complained. District meeting was taught by my old companion Elder Dulaki. He taught about counseling with the Lord and how we need to always seek His will if we desire to be successful in the work He has called us to. Wednesday was an ok day. It took a long time to get back from the other side of the Berbice river after doing a tradeoff.  Thursday we had a good lesson with the Duarker family about the Restoration. They are a less active family. I have been finding that as we teach the simple truths of the gospel, the spirit is the strongest. Reviewing the basics like priesthood, prophets and the Joseph Smith account help members to feel the Holy Ghost testify to them of the truthfulness of the message being shared. Friday went great! We went to Bushlot for the first time to proselyte. We were able to meet some old investigators and a member family. Saturday we helped to clean the chapel. On Sunday after coming back from splits with our branch president and branch mission leader our last appointment fell through. Elder Leung Choi had the idea to go and the the Branch president's family who were at their grandma's house. To our surprise, we met President Narines sister who is not a member. President Narine invited his sister to join our lesson about the Restoration. She was very attentive and at the end when we invited her to be baptized as she comes to know this message to be true, she quickly accepted. The Lord is greatly blessing us. Love you lots!
-Elder Parker

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