Monday, December 21, 2015


The struggles of the week were that we didn't get to meet with our investigator with a baptismal date. We will have to talk to her and see how sincere her desires are. We did receive a referral for the friend of a sister in the ward who we will be hopefully teaching at the members home this evening.We were also blessed to have a successful branch council as a result of what was learned at my last zone conference and a branch president training meeting. We discussed the temporal welfare of two sisters in the branch and planned for a service project to help clean up one of the sisters yard. We only were able to get through that and some reading in handbook two at the beginning, but the branch members were happy with it. Helping members understand their callings and also working with them was the focus of zone conference. We had 21 lessons this week, but I know we can have more. I have a machine but a lot of things have to be done by hand. All the machine does is spin the clothes. I have to move some switches and fill up and empty the washing bin manually. We have some clothes lines that we dry our clothes on. I gave a surprise talk on Charity this Sunday and my companion was asked to conduct the other Branch's sacrament meeting. We did splits this past Sunday for church. I stayed in Rosignol, and Elder Leung Choi went to Bushlot branch. There were 15 people at sacrament meeting there. Rosignol had 51. The food is similar to that of Trinidad. Lot's of curry, but people eat less frequently here because of the poverty here. I see the ocean when I cross over a long bridge to get to district meeting, but the water is chocolate milk brown as far up the river as you can see and the same into the ocean. We have been teaching several part member families, but so far we don't have anyone that is progressing very well. We did have 2 investigators at sacrament meeting again, but they need to get married before they can be baptized and one of them has her "husband" who is out of the country for several months at a time. Cookies are always nice. Don't send anything that customs might find valuable. I'll have to think of some other things that I might like. I also found out that Micron has read the Book of Mormon 43 times now. His mission papers are finished and he should be getting his call soon. Love you lots! Happy Birthday to Sarah and Gabby! This is from my last zone conference.
Love Elder Parker

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