Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I have done a better job of keeping my perspective realistic and positive this last week. As I mentioned in mom's email, Elder Dulaki and I have been rebuilding our teaching pool. Yesterday evening we had a back up appointment with somebody who didn't seem very receptive to the gospel. Even though I felt this way about this person, I still felt prompted to go to this appointment. When we got there, I saw that some family members had come over to visit. As we sat down with the person we had set up to come by, we asked if any of her family would like to join us. She called to her granddaughter, but then somehow we ended up meeting with her mom. As the lesson progressed, the mother expressed sincere interest in finding out about the priesthood and how she can know who has it. Thinking about this experience shows that the Lord will lead us to His elect if I will listen. Also this last Sunday, several less actives that we have been working with came to church! I have been taking pictures, but have not been able to send them due to time restraints. Hurrah for Israel!
-Love, Elder Parker 

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