Monday, May 11, 2015


I love Elder Dulaki. He is the best. Our area is starting to move a little better, but we still need to work on working with the active members a little more and on helping people come to church. I don' think that those areas will be influenced by each other. I'm trying hard to make the most of my time. I'm excited to see what this week holds. Later this week, we will be able to meet with the father of a really cool family. It sounds like if we can get the dad on board, then the rest of the family will follow. They would be a very strong addition to the branch. I was thinking about what you guys had said, and what grandma had said about being able to look past the faults and weaknesses of others combined with what I have been learning in the morning during my temporal prep time about church history. The members here truly are pioneers. They are dealing with many of the same struggles that early church members had with leaving their old traditions and ideas for the truths of the gospel. There are also many great Caribbean pioneers who are rising to the occasion and preparing the way for future generations. Love you lots!

-Elder Parker

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