Thursday, April 30, 2015



It's hot here. Then if you get a fever, then it gets hotter. It's mostly green when I see areas of vegetation. My area is all-flat. Elder Dulaki and I made some changes of focus at the beginning of the transfer to move our areas of focus to where we had the most members. As a result we have seen a little success bringing some people back to church, but nobody that I would call reactivated yet. Right now we are just focusing on having investigators. It was a rough week. Our most promising investigator (Sis. W.) hasn't been picking up her phone and was at work when we stopped by her place. I noticed that an important part of having the guidance of the spirit is having faith and hope. While I was sick at the end of the week, I had a lot of time to to some introspection. I was a little discouraged at the beginning of the week, and then as different things fell through and poor planning resulted in limited member work I was spiraling down the path of discouragement and despair. I think getting sick was a good brake pedal on a downward cycle. I was thinking to myself about what my style of thinking was leading me to. Then I remembered a scripture from the Book of Mormon that reminded me that the evil spirit teacheth not a man to pray, but the spirit of the Lord teaches us to pray always. Even in my dazed, headache, fever ridden and discouraged state, I decided that I needed to pray. I have been trying to refocus these past few days. I know if I will have hope and Faith in Christ, we will be lead to those who are ready to receive the gospel.

Love, Elder Parker

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