Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Mom really is a great mom! I was just looking through the pictures I brought with me and I was reflecting on how blessed we are to have the family that we do. So many people do not have anything even close to what we have.
Gratitude has been a prevalent theme these past few weeks as I have tried to be more grateful. I have a feeling that I will probably be moved this next transfer, but we'll see. I have faith that I will be able to leave St. Vincent with many happy memories, and also knowing that I left it all out on the field.
It sounds like you guys have had fun this past week. My week was a little rough at the beginning, but it finished off well. I have been trying to take lots of pictures lately of my normal day. I might stay in contact with the Birds, I would need to grab their email address from my journal though. I should let you know that I have made a serious effort to eat better. We also got a toaster this week from our zone leaders who just moved apartments. Our new zone leader is cool; His name is Elder Staley and he is from Idaho. Our baptismal dates have been weeded down to those who are very committed. There is Linda for the 23rd, but she is still praying about it. She wants too but she is still a little scared of doing so. I think she will be baptized anyways. Michron is a 20 year old who has eaten up every gospel principle and point we have given him. We’ve only been meeting with him for about 6 weeks, but he is already in Alma chapter 4. He loves the gospel and is doing everything he can to live it. He will be baptized on the 16th of this month. We have a few other baptismal dates too but those 2 are our most progressive investigators.
I have really learned a lot these last couple of weeks about prayer. Elder Gordon and I didn't know what commitment to leave for Jadeese. I thought we should do one thing, and Elder Gordon thought we should leave her something else. We decided to pray about it and as soon as we were done praying, we both received an answer that we should leave a completely different commitment with her than either of us were thinking of. The Lord truly does answer prayers. In fact he commands us too, which is something that I hadn't ever really realized until I read about it in chapter 3 section 4 of Preach My Gospel. Jesus also teaches that we must pray in 3 Nephi 18:15.
Today we will be eating lunch at a Chinese place that we usually go to, shopping, maybe playing some football on the beach and then I need to bake some cookies for Jadeese's birthday.  I pray for you guys everyday.
Love you! Hurrah for Israel!


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