Wednesday, August 13, 2014

8.11.2014 (with picture)

Let me say that I sure do feel like I am in paradise. This picture was taken from the church looking west at the sunset. What a view! Everything is going great! I feel like I am working hard and it is a rewarding feeling. I know what you are talking about. You basically summed up an experience I had yesterday. Elder Gordon and I were out tracting for a little bit and we met this guy named Mr. Huggings. He wasn't mean or seemingly evil, but he just had a gray countenance and had an air of despair about him. He lived in a very nice neighborhood and had many worldly possessions, but he simply wasn't filled with joy. He rejected the message we had to share and basically said he doesn't do the whole religion thing because he feels like church people are all hypocrites. We gave him a Book of Mormon and then bore testimonies about it and then left. As we were heading back from meeting him, we met one of our investigators, Allecia, who has a very low standard of living. She has been reading through the Book of Mormon and it was amazing to see the stark contrast between somebody that has decided that they want to remain in darkness and somebody who is accepting the restored Gospel into their life. Allecia (who doesn't even have enough money to pay her water bill) is begging to fill her life with light and hope, while Mr. Huggins is stewing in confusion and ignorance. No earthly possession can bring the happiness that is found in the gospel. Michron is going to be baptized this Saturday and Linda will be baptized the following weekend. I'll keep the whole family in my prayers and I'm glad to hear that grandma is back safely from Utah. Love you lots! Seth

P.S I will be anxiously looking forward to my birthday card!

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