Tuesday, April 22, 2014



I really needed your letters this week. Being able to hear from you all helped lift my spirit. I'll most likely be staying on St. Vincent for another transfer at least, but I might get a new companion. A few of the other missionaries got packages but it's probably better just to put money in the account. Thanks for doing that for me. I'm doing pretty well. We had an investigator that was supposed to be baptized this Saturday drop us. That was not very fun. However we still have a baptism this weekend on Sunday morning. His name is Yekini but also goes by Des. He is a thin dark 19 year old who lives in an area called Golden Vale. We met him probably 8 weeks ago and then we had a member lesson with him and he put a date down for his baptism. He has been to church 5 or 6 times and he comes on his own. He already knew most of the youth and is really close with the Smalls, a family in the branch. He could be a great Young Men's leader and he should be a great addition to the ward. He needs to read more of the Book of Mormon, but we'll work on that. We are starting to work more with the members now too. We really hadn't made much of an effort until we had that lesson with Sister Small and Des. It really showed me how much more effective missionary work can be if we build relationship's between members and investigators and then have lessons with them. We had another great lesson last night in a Family Home Evening. We recently found this family that lives a short walk north of us up by this place called the Hotel Alexandria. They have met with missionaries several times before so hopefully they will get baptized soon. The parents just need to get married first. We'll see how that goes, but anyway her brother is in the branch presidency in Kingstown and is very cool. His name is Brother Adams and his sister's name is Monique. We met at the church last night and taught them about the tree of life. It started off a little rocky because of some organizational problems, but once we got that figured out, everything else worked out very well. We had Monique, her 9 year old daughter Tawana, and her toddler son come. The rest of her family was busy that night. We also had the Adams and the Birds (senior couple) come. During the discussion, Monique talked about how she realized that life is full of distractions that they can keep us away from the iron rod and more importantly from eternal life. She also talked about how people in the church are so nice and happy. It was a great lesson and the spirit was felt that night. We're seeing her again on Thursday.

We went to an island called Bequia (pronounced Beckway) for P-day today. We went on a ferry and then we got to play with sea turtles and just have some relaxing time on the beach. As we were coming back on the ferry, I was thinking of the early pioneers coming across the ocean to be with the saints. I really love the song "Come, Come Ye Saints". I really love it now because it reminds me of home. Could you have your parents send me some family history stories please? I would love it if you could do that.
Love You All!

Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Elder Parker

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