Monday, April 14, 2014



There's so much that has happened in the past 2 weeks and I feel overwhelmed. My favorite talks were the ones about trucks. The one about jumping out of one was really good because so often as a missionary, I need to make sure that I show people love rather than just making sure that everyone knows who is more right. The other talk about the load is what gives us traction. Trials are for our benefit. I think that missionary work is like fly-fishing. This analogy should sum up the main problem that I'm facing and also the solution. We cast our lines out all over the place. We try out many different areas of the pond and streams. We get a lot of bites. So many people are willing to talk with us. The problem is that I don't think that we have been reeling in our lines fast enough to create that pull to bring people to baptism. We haven't been bold enough. If we reel to slowly, the hook (or the good seed in the parable of the sower) falls out of the fish’s mouth or the fish finds something else to fill its mouth. Boldness is what I need. This last week we met a man named Charles form Colombia, he's catholic. We haven't taught any Catholics here before so this was a little scary. At the beginning of our lesson with him we were being very soft and trying to not offend him. He was nice but we could tell that he lacked interest in hearing stuff he already knows. It wasn't until we introduced the Book of Mormon to him that he got very interested and explained to us that he has been looking for another book like the Bible to just talk about God. He's read many other books but they focus on trying to prove that certain religions are right. That showed me the importance of being bold. Charles quickly accepted the Book of Mormon and agreed to read it and pray about it. The other great thing is he seems like a guy that will keep his commitments. He is a big music producer here and is a good businessman. I love you all and really appreciate your prayers! I can tell that they are helping out a lot. Tell everybody I love them and have Gabby write me sometime please. 

Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Seth

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