Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Our investigators are doing well. Our most progressing investigators are the ones that don't have baptismal dates yet. The investigators that come to church are also the ones who do not have baptismal dates. I have been concerned that I haven't had a baptism in nearly a year. Our member work this week was the highest that I have ever had on my mission with 12 member lessons. We don't often eat at members homes, but this week we ate with some recent converts to start and end our fast. Sister Huggins made it the whole 24 hours,but her father and husband didn't quite make it, but they have been improving. The next zone conference will be in either august of September, and it will be in the mission home. I think that I will be in Trinidad the rest of my mission. I did have a cool experience this week with a Sister S. We hadn't been by her in a while and her phone broke so she wasn't able to get a hold of us through the phone. Elder Grimm and I decided to go and visit her. We had a good lesson with her and she told us about how she had been hoping to have us come by but she didn't know how to reach us. She decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father to send us by her. The next day we went by and she told us that we were the answer to her prayers. The L’s had a BBQ that ran very late into the night so they did not come to church this week, but a family that we have taught only a few times came to church and enjoyed it. There is a larger family to which this family belongs to that all live in board houses very close to one another that we have been teaching. Hopefully we will see some successes there. Love you lots! -Elder Parker

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