Thursday, July 23, 2015


Our investigators are doing better. The L Family came to church on Sunday, and Mr. P brought one of his other sons to church! He should be at home in the beginning of august so we can start teaching him more. Mr. L has been to a few things at church and I think that he likes it. We will be visiting them later this evening. I think that we have discovered that they believe that Joseph Smith could have been called of God, but because of human imperfections taught the wrong thing about the Sabbath day. So we are going to help them understand that God will never allow His prophets to speak in their prophetic calling and lead the church astray. Wilford Woodruff taught that simply in the 3rd section of the manifesto at the back of the doctrine and covenants. I told Ben about a spiritual experience I had this week, so you could hear about it from him. I’m learning a lot about the importance of Charity in my leadership responsibilities. I think I said the same thing last week, but as people know that you love them, they will listen to you with much more open hearts. D&C 121 talks a lot about that. I'm excited for the move!

Love, Elder Parker

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