Monday, July 20, 2015


Wow! What a change! I guess I could run to the house from BYU now. I’m kind of bummed that we are moving, but will we be in the same ward as Aunt Annie and Uncle Bob? That would be sweet!
P and L won't be baptized this upcoming week because they taking their time, making sure that they understand everything. They are still progressing though. We are going to move their date to later in August so that we can make sure that they understand the things that they need to and so that they can receive answers to their prayers. They have been struggling a little with accepting the Sabbath day as Sunday. We are working on helping them understand living prophets, because it is through them that we know which day to be the Sabbath. They will still come to church, but they need to understand and accept God's living prophets as who they really are. We still have spiritual lessons with them, so I am not too worried. They are willing to pray and ask, and act so I believe that they will receive answers to their prayers, and get things sorted out.
I have learned a lot about being more prepared this last week. Elder Grimm and I taught a Zone meeting on what we learned at MLC this last Tuesday. President Egbert was there with his wife and also both the AP's were there so it could have been stressful, but because we were prepared we did not fear (D&C 38:30). It turned out to be a great zone meeting because the spirit was there. I know that preparation is a powerful way to invite the spirit. Elder Grimm is great. We get a long very well, and he also will be attending BYU. He goes home in September. Being a zone leader has really taught me about the importance of charity. I'm excited when our zone does well. I imagine that it is a little like being a parent. There's a lot that I am still learning, but it has been a good experience so far. Love you lots! Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Elder Parker

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