Monday, February 9, 2015


Happy Birthday mom! Our neighbor talked to us today and brought up the super bowl as we were washing our car. I totally had forgotten about it. The house is going to be quite different when I get back. Nobody had made mention of Bailey going to Peru. Maybe she can convert Cusco, Pacha, and Kronk. The R Family is doing ok, but they are losing their steam a little bit. They need to get married, but they say that they are having relationship problems. They are reading a little bit more now though. They were struggling with that for a while. Today we had an all Trinidad sports day. From the 13th of February to the 15th we are going to be hiding in our apartment. We got some more new investigators this week, and 2 of them came to church. We had an area conference for all of the Caribbean, broadcast from Salt Lake City. Elder Holland and President Packer spoke. This week I had a cool experience as I took Moroni's challenge again. I was praying and asking again if the Book of Mormon is true. I think that I was expecting to have some big rush of feelings swoop over me, but then I remembered that the Spirit is the still small voice, not the big wave that comes with great force. As I pondered on this, and then did all I could to just be still, I felt the Lord confirm that The Book of Mormon is true and everything else that goes along with it is also true. Tell Sarah I missed her email this week. She needs to give me the scoop on her missionary work. Love you lot's!

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