Monday, February 9, 2015


This week was pretty good. We had to drop the R Family until they get married. Despite that, the Dad still came to church. The Mom and the kids went to take care of her mother who is sick. We have also been doing a lot of member work lately. I have realized that member work is an investment, but it definitely pays off. This week, we were teaching a lady named C. We met her because of a formerly less active sister from Guyana, named Sister P. C lives just above the P Family. Meeting her was one of the fruits of member work. Another fruit I saw was that we got to take Brother B out teaching with us. He is an awesome priesthood holder and married father of 4. Over the past few weeks Elder Horsely and I have done some service for the B family and we also visited them a couple of times. After showing our love for them, they were more inclined to come teaching with us. It's difficult for Brother B to come out because he has MS and extreme temperatures make it difficult for him. Never the less, Brother B came with us in the evening when it cools down. Near the end of the lesson with C, Brother B was sharing his testimony of the Book of Mormon. As he explained how he came to know for himself that the Book of Mormon is true, the spirit came very powerfully into the lesson. Each of us knew that what was being shared is true. That was just one of the lessons I learned about member work this week. I also started to recognize how strong the spirit comes as we share about the first vision. It is becoming one of my favorite things to teach. As far as transfers go, I think that I will be getting moved here pretty soon. I think that I will stay in Trinidad for much of the rest of my mission, but who knows. This upcoming weekend is Carnival so we will be hiding away and I might not be able to email on Monday. 

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