Monday, May 5, 2014


We have been trying to get brother Phillips back to church for several weeks and he finally came this week! We are also helping Akelia understand a lot more about the gospel. We have taught her about the restoration and she wants to learn about tithing. She loves conference talks and is thinking about going on a mission. She has made such a change from when we first met her about 3 months ago. I'm staying in Calliqua again for another transfer with Elder Jacobson. Our paratrooper army zone leader is getting transferred to Guyana. My district leader is done with his 2 years so he is going back to Trinidad. We are doing more member missionary work. There is this newly married couple, the Carters, who we have been working with a lot lately. Sister Carter is the daughter of the Phillips. We are still working with Des, but he is having a really tough time overcoming a few big things. A lady named Jadese and her daughter Jodi have the 31st of May as their baptismal date. They came to church last week, but not this week. We're going to bring the Carters by and hopefully that will help make church seem less scary. 

This week I was reading in the book "Our serach for Happiness" by Elder Ballard. I read about Eternal Families and as I was reading, I realized how much of blessing it is to be able to be with the family forever. It wasn't that I didn't realize this before, but just as I was reading I had this sense of gratitude fill me and I am so glad I get to be with you guys for all eternity. I had a similar experience that filled me with gratitude. This past week, we were walking back from an area called Brighton. It's about a mile and a half away from home, so I had a little time to think. As I was walking, I was looking up at the night sky and I thought about how Heavenly Father knows and manages all of that. Among all the other things He has to take care of, I was amazed to know that He knows me. I was also reading in Ether recently and it talked about how even if there was only one man who would repent and follow the commandments, the Savior would have still performed the Atonement for him. I've been trying to be more grateful this week because last week was tough and I was focusing on that. I can choose to be happy though so I counted my blessings to help me focus on things as they really are and having the proper perspective. 

I Love you guys!

Love, Elder Parker

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