Monday, May 26, 2014


This week was awesome, but it was a trying one. We are still teaching a lot of young men, and now we are also teaching their young women cousins. These young women love to hear about the gospel, and they all came to church this past Sunday. I'm excited to see what happens with all of the youth because right now, the branch only has about 3 active youth age kids. It may very soon have many more. The tough part this week has been being patient with the young men. I was looking through my scriptures this morning in my studies and I came across a verse in Alma 22:15 where Aaron is teaching the King of the Lamanites. The king asks what he needs to do to have his "wicked spirit rooted out of his breast...". As I read the word rooted I thought of pulling weeds in our yard and how sometimes it takes a lot of work to pull these weeds out of the ground. I learned two things from this scripture. The first is that even when you put in a lot of work, it still takes time for people to weed out their lives. The young men are desirous, but they have some serious sins to repent of and it will probably take a while to root out these sins. We just have to be diligent in working with them. The other thing I learned, I realized as I am emailing you. If we don't let the weeds take root or get very big, by pulling the weeds out quickly, then it doesn't take very much to root out sins in our lives. The Hymn "Carry On" is my theme right now, haha. This week has been great though. Without trials of our patience, faith, etc. we'd never grow. I think I understand a little more of what you and mom must have felt watching Sarah, Gabby, Benjamin and me go through challenges. I'm glad I can look to you and mom as examples of what to do when the going gets rough. I'm excited to hear that so many of my friends are considering going on missions! Tell everybody I love them, and I really appreciate the emails I've been getting from my friends!
-Love you guys, Seth

Hurrah for Israel!

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