Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We've been trying to find a new area to work in because we want a back up in case things fall through in our good area. Our good area is in the village called Calliqua, and it extends up past this cool looking old Anglican church. We have many investigators who are progressive in that area. There is a street in Calliqua where we are teaching in nearly every home. On this street there is a man named Richard, who we really like and would be a great addition to the branch. Another man named Oakel, and his daughters. A young boy named Darren who is the grandson of the first counselor, A lady named Linda, and a man named Chris. They are all very progressive except for Oakel. The only problem is getting them to church. They need friends to make them feel more comfortable in a new setting. I'm beginning to understand that member missionary work is crucial in successfully helping people to make lasting changes. Tonight, we're bringing a sister in the branch over to Linda's house and teaching the plan of salvation from pre-mortal life to life on earth. She is a very intelligent lady and that has helped her progress faster. She works at a bank in Kingstown (known as simply "town") and has a young daughter. We'll see how tonight goes. Some good news is that this next weekend is zone conference in St. Lucia. Then the next weekend is general conference. I don't think I've ever been so excited about conference in my life! Also starting in April, we have baptisms every week except for the 10th all the way to the end of our next transfer. By the way transfer calls came in and everything for Elder Jacobson and my self is staying the same! We have become pretty good friends over this last transfer so I'm glad to have another transfer with him. What you said about the difference between good and great is relentless attention to detail. I noticed specifically that paying close attention to time helps me feel more hard working and purposeful. Thank you for your advice about Akelia. I think that should help her out, specifically with the stories of Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah. The work is going well. The youth program is growing a lot. When I first got here there were 4 youth consistently coming to church. Now we have about 12. We are also starting up a young men's program that I am ecstatic about. Love you all!

Hurrah for Israel!  

Elder Parker

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