Monday, March 10, 2014


I got the package on Saturday from the Birds. Elder Jacobson and I ate all of the cookies in 2 days. They were really good. Thank you! We're trying to be a bit more conservative with the chocolate and beef jerky.
District meetings are every week on Tuesday. We meet in the Kingstown chapel, which is about a 45 minute bus ride away in traffic. The biggest roads we have here are 2 lanes and most are 1.5 lane roads, so traffic happens a lot. For dinner we usually eat some combination of ground chicken, corn, peas or a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and rice or pasta. We have been experimenting with some taco shell pizza stuff though that has turned out pretty well. Most everything we need is at the grocery store so things haven't changed too much as far as meals go. I'm feeling great! This last week I went on a trade off with the Elders in Kingstown and something finally clicked. Before I wasn't adding very much to the discussions but after Tuesday I feel like people actually grow and benefit from what I say. I just needed to have faith and press forward trusting in the Lord. We have been doing a lot of tractingbut we call it finding. We do have a young lady (age 20) who has a baptismal date set up but she must overcome her marijuana addiction first. There are also many other people who we have invited to baptism but they feel they must learn more first. One guy we talked to yesterday is ready for baptism but he wants to be baptized with his friend so we have to talk with his friend first. This man, named Oakel, told us when he decided that he wanted turn his life to Christ. He is a fisherman and has been for several years. Before that he sold drugs on the streets and robbed from people to make a living. Once while he was out on a fishing trip, about 90 miles away from land, his ship got caught in a storm. The ship wrecked and his captain was killed when he hit some rocks. Oakel was thrown around and had his pant leg caught on to a piece of coral. His life jacket was pulling him up and he thought he was going to die right there, with the waves crashing around him. Then he thought to pray. He prayed " Jesus have mercy on me! If you save me, I will turn my life around and become a good Christian." The moment he finished praying he shot up to the surface where he was rescued by a coast guard ship. That was 2 years ago. He says he is ready to keep that agreement he made and be clean. It was really cool to listen to him share that story. Several of the people we have given Book of Mormons to are reading and loving it. Whenever we sit down with people they always express how awesome, clear and uplifting it is. Just last night, another guy we are teaching just shook his head and said "I love this book." after we read Alma 37:37 with him in answer to how we can be made spotless. Things are progressing extremely well and I can't wait for these people to get baptized. Next week ask me about a guy named Richard. He's really cool and he loves having us come over and talk with him. The Book of Mormon is true! As people read it, I can see them changing because they are letting the atonement of Jesus Christ work in their lives and the Book of Mormon tells them how to do it! Hurrah for Israel!

Love -Elder Parker

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