Thursday, March 6, 2014



Elder Jacobson and I made some cookies but we'll just say that they didn't turn out too well. I'm getting to be much more comfortable with teaching people. I live about 200 yards southeast of the Trinity medical school. The house is on top of a hill and is next door to a place that usually has vans and car parts in the back. To the south of us is a hedge and then another house but then it should be all downhill. I'm not sure how to send you pictures yet since the computers don't have SD card slots. We have a few people who we are going to challenge to baptism and one who is working towards baptism (we already challenged her). The lady we already challenged is named Hiesen and lives fairly close to us. We are also teaching her son and his name is Ashroy. we are having s’mores with him and his friend Kelsen tonight. That should be fun. We haven't eaten with any members yet. The iguana was from some other Elders who got it from some members. I have also eaten some oranges that I picked off the tree and they were really sour. I also picked off a lime and I might make some limeade tonight. I'm getting pretty tan and I haven't burned much since the first few days. I also wear sun screen everyday and don't need bug spray because there aren't many mosquito's. This week we had some dogs chase us and bite at us. Since we can't sit inside houses unless another man is there we had to sit outside and give a lesson while it was pouring rain. It's so great when we find good men down here because they are so uncommon. This week I had 2 eye opening experiences that really made me aware of how important it is to listen to the spirit as you teach. The first was when we were talking with a lady who's husband just died and we focused more on doctrine rather than comforting the lady. That was a major mistake. The next experience showed me that we learned from the previous experience. The guy we talked to lives with one of our investigators and we were able to explain things in a way that allowed him to understand and start to accept the truthfulness of our message. We also were able to have a lesson with a husband and wife from Iowa who are here for med school. It was refreshing to talk to some Americans. There is this other lady named Nadine who really didn't like the missionaries but allowed us to teach her children if we agreed to only use the Bible. We agreed and have taught her kids 2 lessons. The Lord is softening her heart so hopefully we can introduce the Book of Mormon to her soon. I thought that I would suggest that for FHE sometime, you guys should go over the restoration from Preach My Gospel. I wish I had know more about PMG earlier. There are a lot of other people we are teaching right now and we keep meeting new people everyday. Things are great here! I'm glad to hear that you got to the temple. I've eaten so many oats this past week. I couldn't believe it. Because cereal is so expensive down here we just buy normal rolled oats and eat it like cereal. Say hello to my friends for me!

Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Seth


Hi Gabby! I love my companion. He is a lot like Nate and Andrew mixed together. He likes to think about things a lot. The food is actually pretty normal buts it's more expensive here. The coconut is really good and you can get it for free just about anywhere you go. Great job with your meet! I'll be praying for your next one to go just as well. It's great being here and seeing the gospel change people's lives!

Love you too!


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