Monday, November 10, 2014


We have a new ward mission leader named Brother Campbell. He recently returned from inactivity and also just got married. Both he and his wife are young and full of energy. They are super excited to go and do missionary work. It was great taking him teaching this week. Our investigators hearts were softened so much because we brought a member by. We also got to go teaching with the Elders Quorum president's son, Demetri. Elder Rowley and I are teaching a lot more with the members here and it is great. Our most progressive investigators are the Ramroops, and a lady named Basanti. She came to church on her own and that is where we first met her. We have a good-sized teaching pool, but these people are the ones who are coming to church and keeping commitments. The Ramroops are the Hindu family that we have been teaching. They are working with the Francoms (a senior couple) about getting married. They want to get baptized and the dad, who got shot a few months ago, is recovering from a recent surgery. The mom already has a dress. We taught this family twice this week, once about hope and prophets, and then about the restoration. President and Sister Mehr went teaching with us to teach them about the restoration and it was a great learning opportunity for both the Ramroops, and for myself. President was so loving, but also taught boldly about the truth. I thought that I already was a bold teacher, but I learned I have room to improve. On the ride home, I asked a question about humility. His advice can be applied to any Christlike attribute. I'll have to summarize, but essentially what he said was that as a natural result of service, pride is displaced by charity, love, humility, etc. Then on Sunday, President Mehr made a comment in Elders quorum about the importance of follow up. Too many times we miss opportunities for growth because of a lack of follow up. In sacrament meeting, 2 very good returned missionaries spoke. We are taking them teaching this week and it's going to be great. I wish that I could be sore like you. I have been eating a lot of oats and milk. We had a Halloween ping-pong party in Port of Spain so I had to email early. There is a great scripture in 2 Nephi 28:14 that teaches about those who are the humble followers of Christ, but they err because they are taught the precepts of men. I thought of that scripture when you mentioned Gabby's experience. I am studying Humility for this next round of reading the Book of Mormon and it's great. There is so much power in the scriptures to help us engrave on ourselves the countenance of Christ.

Love you all,

Elder Parker

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