Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I can't believe that Brendon is back. I hear that Whitney Merrill is going to Russia. We have 3 very solid people coming up for baptism this month. Pedro and his daughter Latifah are doing great. He is a world class saxophone player, and his daughter is super cool too. She is 23 and they have come to church 3 times now. They really loved it this last week. Our member work has been awesome with them also.

My new companion, Elder Grimm is from St. Louis Missouri.  He is 19 and attended BYU, summer term, 2013. We had one of the AP's with us this last week.  He taught me a lot about the importance of reverence and humility in inviting the spirit. (These lessons were learned more through observation than through being specifically spoken to). I have been enjoying the presence of the spirit more and have been trying to do more to keep the spirit with me. I hope Grandma is doing well. I got to go spelunking today. I had bats flying in my face and giant nasty white cockroaches at my feet. It was very cool. A member took us there as part of visiting an old plantation.
Talk to you next week.
Love, Elder Parker

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